TiJ Sails Sailmaker – sails make to order

T&J Sails is the Polish company set up in 1991 in Giżycko, the heart of the Land of the Great Mazurian Lakes. Its boss and the owner is Jarosław Wołowicz - the person who perfectly knows the sailmaking art and has been designing and sewing the sails for 35 years. We have been working on polish market for 20 years, and on international markets for 6 years - both with huge success. In 2008 we opened the new hall, simultaneously we triple the amount of the producing area. The new hall is equipped in modern, specialized equipment that allows us to achieve good effects and high quality. Modern technology used in designing, drawing and cutting sails allows to satisfy even the most exacting client. We have specialized computer software to design sails and plotter to plot and cut the sails what enable us to keep particular precision in end product.

The high quality of products is ensured also by the fabrics that we use made by the companies: Dimesion Polyant, Contender or Banbridge. We provide with accessories in companies like: Holt,  Rutgerson, Ronstan, Traflex, Robert Lindemann. We sew the sails to all types of yachts, tourist as well as racing. Our company makes also the advertising prints according to design given by the client. What is more, we make various types of covers for mainsails, jibs, spinnaker and also the awnings ( boom tents ) and pockets for halyards. Additionally we repair and renovate sails. For all our products we give 2- year security, except the defects made by customer ( dirt, burnt - out parts, tears/rips).

We invite all clients that want to order the sails in our company to use the sheets attached on our website: www.tijsails.pl where you can in detail describe your requirements. We make the orders relying also upon our own information about the yacht, but in case of particular orders we ask client for additional details, which can help us to produce the sails, which the customer will be definitely satisfied from. On our website you can also find information about the fabrics and accessories we use in production. The end products can be sent by delivery company DHL on the address indicated by the customer. We take the orders by post, telephone, fax or via internet.

T&J Sails
ul. Sybiraków 1
11-500 Giżycko, POLAND
tel. +48 87 428 50 98
Contact in Polish: Jarosław Wołowicz + 48 502537887 or Teresa Górna-Wołowicz +48 87 428 50 98
Contact in German: Robert Korzyb tel.  +49 1782827429, +49 2034495650
Contact in English: Elwira Wołowicz tel. +48 509470620